Private single , double, triple, quadruple and quintuple rooms with private bath

Rooms with 6 and 8 beds

Rooms with conditioned air and heat

Check in 24 hours

Bilingual staff 24 hours




Free Internet access

Wi-Fi in the rooms

Full equipped kitchen

Terrace with barbeche

Hot water 24 Hs

Maps and tourist information 24 hours

Laundry service

TV, Audio, DVD in common area

Luggage’s storage and lockers

Excursions’ sales: tour guides, horse riding, trekking, skydiving, paragliding and more

Transfers to las sierras

Spanish classes

Tickets’ sale for bus to any places in Argentina

On line book to a hostel in you next destination

Drinks’ sale 24 hours

Medical emergency asístanse 24 hours